Much Ado About the iPhone

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The iPhone is perhaps one of the most desired gismos. However, like many people, all the known functions of the iPhone are that you can surf the web and use it as a cell phone. We must consider the high price and any other desired functions of the iPhone before purchasing an iPhone. I have always wanted an iPhone, but haven’t really understood the full spectrum of its capabilities and why I might find the features to be a bargain, or not.

The iPhone bundles several features together, but what makes it so appealing is its sleek design and touch responsive screen with smooth graphical performance. The phone has Itunes integration where a user may download music and video files and transfer them to the iPhone for enjoyment on the go. Not unusual to many other phones manufactured lately, the iPhone has a camera that captures still shots. However, the camera’s quality is measured at 2-megapixels, which is very good quality for a cell phone. In addition, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are integrated into this unit. Interestingly, the display is shut down as the user applies the phone to his face to talk, and an ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display so that it is apparent to the user in dim or bright environments. This can help to conserve power and extend the life of the battery charge.

For those who believe the common myth that this is the only phone that bundles these features alike, there are several similar products on the market. These competing products are also very expensive in price in contrast to the prices of other cellular phones. Like nearly all products in the world, there are things that you should be aware of prior to purchasing an iPhone. Many cell phone accessories that claim or appear to be compatible with the iPhone are not truly compatible and you may experience mixed results, however, many that have been tested are in fact compatible. An example of those products that did not work well with the iPhone was regular headphones. There are many other “buyer beware” tips that I found relevant to consider while deciding whether or not to buy an iPhone.

I have noticed that some complaints associated with the iPhone stem from the contractual requirement to buy iPhone accessories when signing up for a particular service with the iPhone as part of the package. Several complaints have been made regarding the iPhone’s inability to record MMS, which means recording in video. I thought this was a real drag since I envisioned myself sharing a motion clip of random candid events in life that I wish to capture and send to my friends and family. A couple more of interesting points to be made are that the iPhone doesn’t come with any games, nor does it provide any instant messaging. This is a major bummer for youngsters. Personally, I can’t use the internet without the social benefit of Instant Messaging my close friends and family.

Other concerns and complaints in respect to the service is that the data connection is slow, there is no GPS, nor are there any custom ringtones. Although the iPhone is extremely popular and desired by many consumers, are they aware of its limitations vs. expectations. Perhaps this is only the beginning, when the iPhone and comparable products will integrate more features and minimize the limitations of today’s iPhone.