IPod Touch Accessories Make Great Christmas Gifts

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Each Christmas brings a plethora of new gadgets and gizmos that send frantic shoppers into stores to make sure they get one of these must have electronics. This year topping the list of must have gadgets it the IPod Touch, a MP3 player with the same hands on simplicity as the IPhone. If one of these great little musical gifts is tucked away under your tree this year you may want to consider arming the recipient with one of these terrific IPod Touch (or the IPhone) accessories, all of which are under twenty dollars.


  • Universal Car Mount: Avid travelers or even the daily commuter will love this universal car mount. With three separate mounts, the IPod can be attached to the window shield, dashboard, or center consul allowing easy viewing and access. The car mount package also comes with a mount offering cushion side jaws making any vehicle IPod mount compatible. The Universal Car Mount package can also bring a little personality to any car with a built in picture frame to show off friends, family, pets, and great memories. If the sheer simplicity and visual appeal of the car mount isn’t enough to convince you, this package also is compatible with pocket PC’s, other SmartPhones, as well as other types of IPods.


  • Sony Street Style Head Phones Head phones aren’t just head phones with this ergonomically designed pair from Sony. Any music lover will fall head over heels with the clean notes and extended base that the Sony Street Style headphones offer. The design makes them comfortable and stylish. Anyone enjoying these headphones will never need to worry about ruining stylish hair or removing their baseball cap because these headphones run behind the neck. This design also offers a sense of freedom with out musical interruptions while running, biking, or taking part in other physical activities making them the perfect gift addition for any athlete.


  • Apple IPod/IPhone Travel Charger Set This travel charger set is great for anyone who is on the go and doesn’t always have the chance to charge their phone at home. The full set contains a travel/home AC charger adapter; a cigarette auto car charger, as well as a USB Hotsync charger cable. All of these chargers offer a great way to keep an IPod Touch rocking all night. It’s also compatible with many other IPod styles and the IPhone. The travel/home charger offers a 45% charge up in mere minutes making sure the IPod Touch never goes long with out bring sweet music to it’s user. The kit also has a few other perks including up to 470Mbps data transfer through the USB charger cable.


  • DLO Action Jacket Neoprene Case w/ Armband Great for runners, walkers, bikers, or even just those who prefer to listen to their IPod while their doing chores, this Action Jacket with armband offers hands free enjoyment for any user. The benefits of this case don’t stop with the arm band design; the neoprene case will protect the IPod Touch from bumps, scratches, and other trauma that can often effect the usability of valuable MP3 Players. While many cases are merely for storage and carrying, this case offers a see through neoprene shield so users can access the screen without ever removing it from the case. A must have for anyone prone to dropping or otherwise damaging things as well as those who are physically active or always on the go.